RCS is equipped to provide engineering solutions & temporary work designs to
facilitate bespoke lifting operation and Machinery Movements. 


All designs & solutions are completed by our in-house structural engineer. 


Tandem Lifting With
Porta Gantries

A large mole hole served as our
delivery route to basement levels
for numerous plant and machinery.
The positioning and size of the mole
hole brought a unique challenge, as
no porta gantry system could
provide a sufficient safe working
load and none had a beam span
long enough to cover the hole and
pick the load from the ground floor

A scaffold bridge was designed &
built spanning the mole hole, with
an even distance for load-landing
and load-picking. A 1200mm
adjustment to the porta gantry legs
enabled use on the scaffold bridge.
This unique practical solution saved
thousands for the client, enabling all deliverie s
to basement levels.

Cooling Tower

To assemble the cooling towers,
safe access on all four sides of the towers
was critical, yet unavailable.

Scaffolding would not suffice due
to wind loadings, so a temporary
deck was built over the cooling
tower base frame using timber
sleepers. The deck was designed to
take the weight of a Mobile
Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).  

Landing Deck For 7
Tonne Lift Motors

The team had to lift seven-tonne
lift motors to level 37 & position
them inside the lift motor room
within the north core. With only
tin decking in front of the lift motor
room doorway, land the lift motors.  

A landing deck capable of
withstanding heavy point loads
was designed & built to land and
skate the lift motors on. The deck
was formed using box-section
steel, scaffold boards, ply & steel
tracking plate. The load was lifted
using site tower cranes, landed
onto the temporary deck and skated into
the final position.

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