Our Client Testimonials

We engaged Rainbird Crane Services to undertake and co-ordinate all of our lifting
activities for the high risk construction at the top of the tower at over 200m tall.
RCS have been extremely effective in developing the safe lifting strategies across the
range of various contractors plant and materials. They have approached the project
with a collaborative and proactive attitude. Futhermore they have instilled
confideence that this high risk area of the project is being safely managed.”

Ben Bateman 


“We engaged with Rainbird Crane Services in order to undertake a specialist task to
remove redundant gantry cranes from a congested area in the city of London.
The task was carried out with full professionalism, a calm approach, detailed phasing
and above all, with the highest regard for safety.

I would not hesitate for a moment to continue to engage with RCS for all future crane
work requirements covering installation, removal & labour supply.”

Terry Caswell

Operations Manager – Wilson James

Rainbird Crane Services are a breath of fresh air when it comes to heavy lifting. The team has been very helpful with every part of the process from Method Statement to the final lift.

Charlie Cork


I worked with Rainbird Crane Services on a project in Oxford Street. RCS provided the whole lifting operation team, this included the Appointed Person, Crane Supervisor, Crane Operators and Slinger/Signallers. Our tight site constraints and extensive coordination with our neighbouring Crossrail site meant that our logistics and especially crane lift operations had to be managed well and safely. Thankfully we had the experience and expertise of Jonathan to plan and execute efficiently all our lifting operations without any incidents. This is a testament to the leadership and expertise that Jonathan and Rainbird Crane Services will bring to any project.”

Daniel Kubacki


Gardner & Co worked collaboratively with Rainbird Crane Services on an iconic
high rise tower located in the heart of London City at 8 Bishopsgate.  

I found John and his team extremely professional in creating detailed lifting plans
for a variety of complex lifts through to tracking and positioning key items of plant. 

Friendly, trustworthy and always available for advise.  I would highly recommend
their services.


     Russell Chandler

“RCS provided KONE with safe, innovative solutions to unique installations associated with elevator equipment material handling and locating. 

RCS moved four of KONE’s largest elevator motors, the MX100, weighing over 6000KG each, over an unfinished corrugated steel deck and then rotated them into the Mid-Rise Elevator Motor Machine Room before rigging them overhead and into locating them into their final positions. 

The operation was well planned and conducted with the upmost levels of safety receiving commendations from the Project’s Construction Director.”
Daniel Kubacki

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